Blogging and making money

Blogging and making money

Making money through blogging requires careful consideration of the subject. If you have a blog that already has a small fan base, be honest with yourself as the subject matter of the blog is a special theme that other blogs do not. If the blog offers a different theme, that’s great. You can also create a new blog that has more success in terms of attracting the audience, marketing itself, and making money through different ways described below.

                                               Part 1                                              

Find Inspiration

Write each topic that you have information and passion for. Making money with blogs is much easier if you run a content blog rather than trying to write content that you do not like because you think that content will make money. Examples of topics include hobbies, work, and knowledge.

Most bloggers are materially blogs that specialize in publishing news about a specific topic or reporting to a specific demographic group. The Mashable Blog, a blog mainly focused on social news, was founded by a young man in 2005, and the blog now attracts hundreds of millions of dollars in investment money.

Many blogs publish funny videos and images on a specific topic. One famous example is the Fail Blog, where it publishes media for funny situations and other idiotic behaviors that people do. The blog earns money mainly through advertising, and the blog now sells a successful book as well.

Some blogs focus on making money for links to news articles or websites. The most successful sites include Drudge, a nearly complete blog of learning links, and Smashing Magazine, a site that offers a set of software tips and reviews to help developers.

Other popular topics of successful blogs include Business Insider, Subnation, Perez Hilton, and Pitchfork.

                                               Part 2                                              

Choose a Blogging platform

Think about free blogging services. Many people choose to create a free blog with popular services like or Google Blogger. This option is good for people who do not have a good knowledge of web design, plus you will not have to pay for hosting the blog, and you will enjoy the ease and consistency of these services. Please note that these services have limitations on how to make money through the blogs you create, so make sure your blog does not violate our Terms of Service. supports limited ad types, PayPal links, and a limited number of commission sales links. The website will not host blogs that contain third-party advertising services, blogs with top ads, sites used to market commission sales links as a primary goal, ads on fast-paced or gambling methods, blogs containing pornographic content, and will not accept vendor blogs that are not honest.

The Google Blogger platform supports advertising with Google AdSense, PayPal links, and a limited number of commission sales links. If you use a lot of commission marketing links, do not write related content when you add commission marketing links, or you are paid to increase someone else’s search rankings, the platform will move your search to a low ranking in search results, .

If you do not have knowledge of these terms, you will find them in your blog’s Monetizing Your Blog section.

                                               Part 3                                              

Create compelling content

Create and customize your blog. If you’re using a free service, you’ll probably find a guide to familiarize you with the basic steps to create a blog, and you may also find a forum where people ask questions. If you are hosting your own site, you’ll need to help someone who has experience designing websites to customize your blog, and you can use a program like to use the same architecture as free services.

Most blogging services come with paid upgrades that allow you to further customize your blog and other benefits. Consider continuing to use the free version until your blog succeeds.

Type original content. Create your own content for each blog post, write your own topics instead of modifying existing topics or stealing existing topics. Readers will visit your blog if they find that they enjoy your writing style and the topics you choose, and that will not happen if they find that they read content that they can easily read elsewhere.

                                               Part 4                                              

Marketing your blog

Think about the keywords you use on each topic. Keywords are important words that relate to the subject of your blog, particularly the new subtopic that you cover when you publish a new topic. Choosing relevant keywords that are constantly searched for by people will increase your blog’s visibility, attract more readers, and show ads that you like to click.

                                               Part 5                                              

Earn Money From Blog

Promote your blog first. These techniques are not useful for making money in blogs that do not yet have an audience. Read more about marketing and advertising first, even if you’re not planning to include ads on your blog. The minimum you should pay attention to is to publish links to your blog on social networks to attract readers.