Learn More About Google Adsense

Learn More About Google Adsense

                                 Simply Google Adsense                                

Is a program that allows each site owner or blog that was on a scale paid or free to be placed ads on his site for large companies come to him profit per click pressed by each visitor in his site on the ad added from Google Adsense

Quite simply, Google AdSense is considered an intermediary between service providers or sites they want to promote and site owners with spaces to place ads on their site for a certain fee determined by the broker.

In the simplest sense, Google AdSense is considered a broker who collects ads from people who have services they want to promote and a course on them to the owners of sites to publish these ads on their sites.

                  Is Profit From Google AdSense Worth It?                 

Of course, without doubt, Google AdSense is a very credible US company, and it is contracted by Kabra, companies and institutions, and can be relied on as a real work or in other words a reliable income

How can I participate in this wonderful program? Google AdSense 

Dear hasty you have to ask yourself ????

We assume that Google AdSense is a commercial commodity and you will get that commodity to sell to others.

Can you sell items without a place to sell and a place frequented by people to know what the commodity you want to sell.

Of course, no doubt to start earning money from ads. Google AdSense You must have a site or blog with useful content that people are looking for and visitors are interested in.

  What do I need to do with Google AdSense to monetize $$? 

You must first have a website or blog with exclusive content and many new topics and be rich and informative so that the benefit of the visitor and gain the confidence of your visitors before Google AdSense and if you want to have a free code continued.

Is Google AdSense free?

Yes, Google AdSense is completely FREE. You just have to own a site to make your Google Adsense progress by allowing you to own an account in Google Adsense.

Because owning an account in Google AdSense is not easy, there are millions of subscriptions are rejected daily so before submitting to Google Adsense you have to be sure that your site or blog is strong to accept on Google Adsense.

           What languages does Google AdSense support?          

You can create your blog or website in any language you wish to know and know the first languages ​​in Google AdSense

It is English – Arabic – French

What are the companies that Google AdSense brings to my site?

As we mentioned earlier, Google has many and many services, including a service called Google Adwords, this service for service owners who want to advertise their services or sites are doing advertising campaigns on Google Adwords and Google AdSense in the course of the publication of those advertising campaigns on the sites of Google Adsense .

   Does Google AdSense allow me to choose the ads I want?  

You do not choose a specific ad just to put the code or code you get through your Google AdSense account and place it in a place where you want the ad to appear and Google AdSense chooses your ads according to the interests of your visitors.

But you can filter those advertisements through your Google AdSense account by stopping a specific ad or stopping, for example, religious ads or other sexual adverbs.

Is there another way to profit from Google AdSense without having a website or blog?                       

Yes and no doubt there is another way is through YouTube youtube is that you upload your own videos of your creation on your channel on Youtube and through it to participate in Google AdSense and Google Adsense puts his ads on your videos and to the profit $$

Of course you are now very excited to be one of the millions of users in Google AdSense, but in this blogging I will not explain to you how to progress on your site or through your channel on YouTube.

Do not worry about me. First you have to have a good site before you make progress so that we do not go to the most widespread question

                           Was my application rejected?                          

Google Adsense examines any site that has a very good search and does not accept any site to maintain the Google AdSense and Google Adwords because it is simply very good customers on Google AdSense is very important because they are paying for Google and for subscribers on Google Adsense.

The most important things that Google AdSense refuses to subscribe to your program?

– An incomplete site where there is only one or two subjects.

– sites containing topics copied from other sites you must own a site and topics written in your style and do not even think for a moment that you will be able to deceive Google AdSense

– A site that contains images that have ownership rights

Before you think about creating a site you should read the terms and conditions of Google AdSense to put it in front of you always so you do not deviate from it.

                 Can I close my Google AdSense account?                

Google adsense

Yes YesYes My friend Adsense accounts close the easiest thing you attended by closing the door of your refrigerator

But if you violate the terms and policies of Adsense Google Adsense no one is wronged

There are thousands of accounts that are closed daily because of the violation of the terms and conditions of Google AdSense, you have to abide because Google Adsense ruthless violator who closes his account can not open another account with the same name and this will be explained in the next posts ..

I hope to be able to explain the concept of Google AdSense for every novice who wants to know what Google AdSense is

In the following posts we will explain how to present Google AdSense with a blog with rich content

And through YouTube