WordPress vs Blogger

WordPress vs Blogger

Have you ever asked yourself which is the best Blogger or WordPress? Blogger or WordPress Are you confused about choosing between Blogger and WordPress platforms? You can not choose between the two platforms and do not know whether you are creating a free blog on Blogger or creating your site using the world’s most famous blogging platform WordPress. In this article I will do a comprehensive comparison between Blogger and WordPress so you can choose between the platforms and determine which is better to create your site.

                                               Part 1                                              

Features and disadvantages Blogger

  1. Features:

You can create a blog on Blogger without the need to pay the cost of buying hosting for your site or blog Google offers you the service completely free and does not require you any expenses, and you will pay only in case if you want to dispense with the subdomain given to you by Google for free and ends with blogspot.com and Buy Domain, for example, .com, .net or .org or whatever you want. In this case, you will pay for the domain of the company from which you purchased the domain and will not ask you to post any additional costs.

The advantages of blogger it hosted on the servers of Google Inc. giant, and what you know what Google and security in servers and therefore your blog is considered immune against hacking to a large extent, because hacking your site means hacking the whole blogger and it is impossible to some extent.

Subscribe to Blogger and create a new blog on Blogger is a very easy process where you can subscribe to Blogger easily by going to Blogger site and then creating a blog from the control board blogger.

As previously mentioned that bloggers hosted on the servers of Google and therefore it guarantees you the speed of surfing very high because it does not give you access to your files and does not allow you to install additions or files that will reduce the speed of your site. However, it is important to note that the template of your blog may significantly affect the speed of uploading your blog, so you should choose your blog template carefully.Blogger gives you the possibility to create an unlimited number of blogs from a bulletin board blogger without affecting new blogs on old blogs.

  • Disadvantages:

One of the disadvantages of Blogger is that it also does not give you the possibility to install add – ons on your blog, such as WordPress, so you can not add any other features to your blog.

One of the most important disadvantages of Blogger is that it does not give you access to your files, ie, that you can not modify your files or upload files to your site.

Not updated regularly.

                                               Part 2                                              

Features and disadvantages WordPress

  • Features:

WordPress script is an open source script and completely free. Either to create a site using the script, you must first host WordPress hosting from a hosting company like Bluehost or SiteGround, and then install WordPress Script on hosting.

You have full access to your files.

WordPress offers periodic updates to the script, unlike Blogger, which offers new features and benefits from another period.

· Supports installation of advanced extensions.

WordPress has a blogger that is much better than a search engine friendly SEO. There are a lot of plugins that help you write content that is compatible with the search engines without having the experience, in addition to the speed of archiving.

You are setting the terms of use of your site so you can not close your site unless you violate the terms of the hosting company and I think it is unlikely to violate.

  • disadvantages:

Although WordPress Script is an open source script and completely free, you have to pay for hosting and hosting periodically until your site is up and running.

Although WordPress is one of the most secure content management scripts, it is less secure than Blogger, where it can be hacked, although 90% of hacking is due to user errors.

                                               Part 3                                              

Summarization: Blogger or WordPress ?!

Blogger is the best choice for those looking to create a great site to profit from it in the future or would like to set up an e-commerce site and has no objection to the cost of hosting.